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One of our Phreego members Casey dropped us a note to let us all know about the "
"Christmas for the Troops" project she's working on.  I've asked her if I can include her email for all the other members to see and she agreed, so here it is.

Howdy!  I love the spotlight website this week!  I am working with the USO on Ft. Hood with the "Christmas for the Troops" project, so this weeks website was a pleasant surprise!  I am working very hard to gather supplies for our troops for Christmas.  I meet with the USO every Sat. to deliver the donations.  It has been a great inspiration for me to do this!  It is so neat to be involved with a project like this.  Soldiers stop by our donation table at the Lampasas Walmart to thank us for our support!  I visit with troops in the hospital and that is one of the very first things they talk about-the support they get from everyone.  It is a real moral booster for them to get letters and packages from complete strangers.  They especially like the letters and drawings from kids.  If you need any donations ideas or any of your customers would like to donate and not have to pay postage, please let me know and I will send you all the info.  Casey's email address is:

Here are a few more addresses to get information on how you can "adopt" a soldier. These will not give out addresses, but will send your donations to a soldier.   
Operation Support Our Troops; 325 Laurel Ridge Ln.; North Kingstown, RI  02852.; or 800-USO-7469.    

The following organizations will give out names and addresses if the soldier gives permission.; ;;  

Hope this helps your efforts to support our troops!    Thanks   cj

Check out Operation AC at and learn how one mother (Frankie Mayo) started a "support the troops" movement by providing air conditioners to the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Operation AC also sends medical supplies to the Combat Support Hospitals for both injured American Soldiers and for the staff, as well as various basic items the soldiers request and desperately need.

"It is my hope that we make their existence in Iraq during their deployment as safe and as easy on them as possible given the job they are there to do. Rested Soldiers are more alert and able to perform their duty SAFELY!"

Frankie Mayo / OperationAC

If you want to show your support for the troops, Operation AC has an Adopt-A-Soldier program where you can sign-up on the website to adopt a soldier. You can buy him or her the Altama Combat boots (the very best desert boots) and begin corresponding with them and sending them care packages.  They're starting to send space heaters for the coming winter. 

Make sure to check the 
How to Donate link to learn how you can help. 

And if you can't afford a financial donation, please consider sending a Get Well Message.  Frankie says "American Wounded Soldiers need a morale boost."

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