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Newsgroup Access

Phreego provides hassle-free access to a wealth of information contained in Usenet newsgroup posting and message threads

  • Access to 30,000+ Usenet newsgroups
  • Over a million articles/day
  • Storage for more than 8.0 Terabytes of Data
  • Guaranteed 99% uptime for Usenet service through redundant peering arrangements
  • Spam filtration
  • 95%+ article completion rate
  • Bulletproof Usenet access with multiple redundant spools load balanced on a solid Sun Server architecture

For the greatest enjoyment of Usenet, download a newsreader (if you don't already have one). When you click on the icon below, another web browser will open and you'll be sent to Forte's web site where you can download their popular newsreader Free Agent.



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